Angela Chalmers

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New Website

I have a brand new website, which I would love you to check out. You will be able to view new work and read updates  on

Thank you to everyone who has been following this blog.

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Art Party Conference

art party conference

Last weekend I took part in the Art Party Conference by taking a stand.  It was a fascinating day. My work was placed in the Grand Hall along with many other artist’s works next to the Summit; this was the centre point of the whole event and where everyone laid down their placards and portraits of the Secretary of State for Education, The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, after a banner waving beach parade. It was also where artist Bob and Roberta began proceedings with his letter he wrote to Gove about changes in education.

angel in the house at art party conference

My installation entitled ‘Angel in the House’ comprised of a vintage wardrobe with a cyanotype print of an antique wedding dress hanging inside. My idea arose from my interest in how women of a certain social class were treated in the Victorian era, especially on how they were predominantly confined to a life of domesticity and not allowed an academic art education. This led to a restriction on subject matter for many female artists living and working at this time, as they were not even able to join a life drawing class. As Bob stated in his letter to Gove “Art is now part of the language of freedom and democracy. Repressive, ideological regimes restrict Artists”.

angela chalmers at art party conference

angela chalmers

angela chalmers

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North Yorkshire Open Studios

My last couple of  weekends have been amazing whilst participating in the North Yorkshire Open Studios. It’s such a great event. Over 120 artists across the region were selected to open up their studios to the public to show how they make their work.

I displayed my work in the gallery at Woodend, Scarborough. The room is extremely elegant and was delighted to showcase my new body of work there.

Thanks to everyone who came along and supported me. I had such a fantastic time. I enjoyed chatting and meeting old and new friends. …it whizzed by in a second.

Angela Chalmers cyanotypes

Angela Chalmers cyanotypes

Angela Chalmers cyanotypes

Angela Chalmers cyanotypes

Angela Chalmers cyanotypes

Angela Chalmers cyanotypes

Angela Chalmers cyanotypes

bodyscapes x 5

Angela Chalmers cyanotypes


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I’ve been experimenting with a different process lately and have produced photograms using a Victorian printing method called cyanotype, also known as blueprint. The technique was developed by John Herschel in 1842, and utilised by his friend, Anna Atkins, who is recognised as the first female photographer and applied the process to record specimens of seaweed.

Photograms are made in the dark room by placing a negative, or a 3-dimensional object directly onto photographic paper. It is exposed to ultra-violet light, or natural sunlight. No camera or film is involved. The object protects the sensitised paper from turning blue; this leaves a white outline, silhouette or shadow.

I have been using items connected to the feminine and domestic function, such as dresses, underwear, chandeliers and lace doilies. The variation of shape and opacity of each item allows more or less light to pass around and through them, creating fluctuations of tone and the sense of overlapping forms. The uncovered left-over space turns a stunning prussian blue…it’s magical.

I shall have three pieces, as seen below on display at Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar on 1st & 2nd June 2013.

The group exhibition is called PUSH//PULL . Curators from the Contemporary Arts Society, mima and a special guest artist will support the event through a panel discussion to be held as part of the opening of the exhibition.

Christening Gown   Dress  Slip

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Art & Protest, Guerilla Galleries

Art & Protest, Guerrilla Galleries

It was great to contribute to the Guerilla Galleries dynamic exhibition ART & PROTEST.

This show was about documenting and celebrating the passion, pain, and power of protest through film, photography and painting.

I submitted four paintings based on the human head. I painted them after looking at air-brushed supermodels in glossy, beauty magazines. My intention was to challenge the fake and flawless body-image that contemporary media and culture encourage us to strive towards.


100% Nude, London

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100% NUDE at The Daniel Libeskind Space - Angela Chalmers

I am pleased to announce that I will be featuring two paintings in this show at the Daniel Liebeskind Space and Guerilla Galleries.

Guerilla Galleries (London) presents an exhibition of fine art which explores the role of the nude form in 2013 as seen through the eyes of some of the country’s best new and emerging artists.

But what is the role of the nude in modern societel terms? Where does it fit and how is it being interpreted? Guerilla Galleries (London) posed that question to 25 artists nationwide and 100% NUDE at the The Daniel Libeskind Space is the result. With live performance art, film, video, paintings, sculptors and interactive installations, urban art, photography all contained within, 100% NUDE may or not raise an eyebrow or two. ‘Don’t dare miss it!’

Public PV 4th January 2013

@ The Daniel Libeskind Space
166-220 Holloway Road
London N7 8DB

9th – 24 January 2012

@ Guerilla Galleries (London)
35 Kingsland Road
London E2 8 AA